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How to Make Personalized Gift Tags

  • Activity # 4: Make your gift shine with a handwritten tag

  • Take a bit of extra time this holiday season and create fun, easy and personal handwritten gift tags. A handwritten expression of gratitude can make a big impact, and shows that you truly care. By using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in a variety of colors, you can easily stick your handmade tag onto any wrapping material without a lot of fuss.

    writing note

  • 1. Start with two Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3 in. x 3 in., in different colors that you think complement each other well. Take one and write your personal message on it – leave about an inch of space at the bottom. On the other, draw a simple, eye-catching design.

    cutting note

  • 2. With your scissors, cut two shallow angles in from the bottom corners of each note, creating a simple chevron shape.

    tag reveal

  • 3. Stick the first note – the one with your handwritten message on it – to the gift, then stick the other note on top and just above it, creating a neat layering effect. The contrasting colors and the simple chevron shape make this gift tag incredibly simple, but its handmade nature, and your handwritten note, shows just how much you care.

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