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How to make a storyboard

How to make a storyboard with Post-it® Products

If you need to tell any kind of story — whether it’s about a process, a product, a training guide, or anything else — creating a storyboard is a great method for identifying the most important pillars and structure of your story. Post-it® Products are the best tools to help you refine any story, and to help your team make its mark on the world.

  • What is a storyboard? It's a great way for teams to collaborate and quickly break down a large idea you want to communicate, visualize it’s most important pieces, and find the right sequence to tell the best story possible. We’ll show you how to make a storyboard using Post-it® Products — the perfect tools for the job.

  • 2. Identify the key points to make within each chapter

    Within each chapter, you’ll want to identify the most important storyboard ideas you want to communicate to tell your bigger story. Have your team write down what they think is critical to each chapter on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in., and stick them onto the big notes. Removing and re-sticking the notes as your team thinks out loud makes this process easy, fast, and seamless. As a team, go through each idea and decide if it should stay or go. If it has to go, simply remove the note and set it aside.

  • 3. Watch your story come into focus

    Storyboarding is an incredible collaboration tool for sparking creativity and identifying the important pillars that tell your best tale. Post-it® Products are ideal for getting thoughts out and keeping them front and center so you can arrange them on the fly. With storyboarding and Post-it® Brand, you can achieve big goals with these smaller, fun steps:

    1. Create your storyboarding template
    2. Identify ideas
    3. Watch your story come into focus

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