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Find beauty in the unexpected with Post-it® Notes

3 ways to find express yourself with the unexpected beauty of Post-it® Notes

Art can be part of every day — you just have to know where to look.

  • Color and form are all around us, part of everything we do, no matter how routine it seems. When you really take a look at the objects that are part of everyday life, you can find inspiration and ways to express yourself that you never knew existed. Post-it® Products may seem like just office supplies, but with their wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, they can become art in ways you might never have expected. Expressing yourself is part of what makes you human, and by making your thoughts into something creative, you’re giving yourself a whole new way of thinking about the world.

    Find beauty in the everyday - play with color

  • 1. Express yourself with color

    The color wheel isn’t just something they invented for grade school art class. Take a look at it and pick out contrasting or complementary colors that feel right to you. A combination like yellow and purple might seem like something you don’t often see, but if you look in the supply closet, chances are you’ve got some Post-it® Products in both those colors. With Post-it® Super Sticky Big Notes, you’ve got an even bigger canvas to work from, and you can combine them with pads of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. in just about any color you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a big project — just look at the colors against each other and think about what it reminds you of. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make permanent art, but maybe you’ll just get a boost of color in the middle of your day.

    Find Beauty in the everyday - play with shapes

  • 2. Express yourself with shapes

    You’re used to thinking of Post-it® Notes as flat, two-dimensional pieces of paper. And they are. But they can be a lot more than that. The traditions of origami and kirigami are all about seeing the complexity of possibilities that exist in one flat surface, and using that way of thinking to build something that looks completely different from the true nature of a sheet of paper. Post-it® Notes are always on hand, and you can play with their form by folding them individually and together to create 3-D shapes in multiple colors. Get creative — no one’s going to see your mistakes or judge you for what you’re making. It’s a chance to express yourself that you can take advantage of in five minutes with something that’s already at your desk. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

    Find beauty in the everyday - play with layers

  • 3. Express yourself with layers

    When you add layers to the mix, simple objects suddenly have new possibilities. Two colors become three, two shapes become a completely new shape, and you can look at what you’ve created from more than one perspective to see more than one work of art. Post-it® Flags are translucent, and that means they can be stacked and layered to create entirely new color combinations and patterns, to create instant art wherever they stick. Sure, they’re great for calling attention to important pages or notes, but maybe they’re also a way to call attention to the beauty that can be found even in simple office supplies.

    When you exercise your creative muscles, they get stronger, and they help you look at the world a little differently. If you teach yourself to start seeing beauty in what’s all around you, you’ll see beauty more often, express yourself more, and find new ways to make your mark on the world.

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