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Bring your words to life with a Post-it® Note flip book

A Flip Book Made from Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Can Bring Your Words to Life

Don’t just leave a note — leave a tiny movie!

  • Leaving someone you love a Post-it® Note with a nice message is pretty much always a good idea. But why not take your note to the next level by making it into a flip book? With a pad of Post-it® Notes, it’s incredibly easy to give your thoughtful, handwritten note some fun and whimsy (and a little suspense!) , and make the message stick just a little bit better.

  • Choose your words

    First, start with your message. You’ll have to plan out what you want to say for maximum impact. What makes flip books a little extra fun is that you can’t read them all at a glance — so you can use the top note of your pad of Post-it® Notes to set up a question or introduce a little excitement into what you’re going to say.

  • Play the scribe

    Next, of course, write your message down. Get a pad of  Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. or Post-it® Notes in your favorite color (and there are lots to choose from). Start by writing a cover note that explains to whoever’s receiving your note that they’ll need to flip the pages. Then, write one word per Post-it® Note for the rest of your message. It helps to use a full pad of Post-it® Notes for your flip book — if there are just a few left, they won’t flip very well.

    Bring your words to life with a Post-it® Note flip book

  • Plan your surprise

    Last, find a spot to leave your flip book that will surprise whoever you’re giving it to, but where they’ll also be sure to see it. Maybe it’s just on their desk, but maybe it’s in a drawer they often use, in a backpack, purse, or bag, or even in their lunch. As an added bonus, the rest of the Post-it® Notes on the pad, the ones you didn’t write on, will probably come in pretty handy later in the day!

  • Keep it going!

    If your message is a hit, and you both think it’s a fun idea, keep the flip book going by exchanging messages on the same pad of Post-it® Notes — together, you can fill it up with animated messages of love!

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