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A Post-it® Extreme Notes with the word

Sticks in tough conditions

Sticks in tough conditions
Sticks in tough conditions
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Introducing Post-it® Extreme Notes

Make leaving notes and reminders simple, even when conditions make communication tough. Post-it Extreme notes help you get the work done.

*Not recommended for use on paper. Must be applied to dry surface.

Use Post-it® Extreme Notes in different places

  • Two vanilla milkshakes on a diner counter, the left one with a Post-it® Extreme Note that says
    Sticking securely to textured and curved surfaces.
  • A wet Post-it® Extreme Note that reads,
    Withstanding rainy weather.
  • Two Post-it® Extreme Notes in front of plates on a commercial kitchen counter, the first reads,
    Combatting even the hottest of kitchens.
  • A welder working on a piece of metal, with Post-it® Extreme Notes in the background.
    Helping you get the job done right in extreme situations.
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