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10 Ways for Parents to Get Ready for Back-to-School

10 Ways for Parents to Get Ready for Back-to-School
10 Ways for Parents to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Summer vacation is a wonderful time of the year, but it also tends to get everyone out of their routines. Getting everyone back to their school schedules can be an adjustment, so here are some suggestions to help.

These tips can help you avoid any hiccups or misunderstandings in your communications with loved ones while transitioning back to a routine. Here are 10 ways for how Post-it® Brand products can help you get a little more done – and in a way that’s a little less hectic.

— The Post-it® Brand Team

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  • Number one

    Keep everyone organized with colour-coded notes

    Assign a colour of Post-it® Note to each child and choose a specific location for messages. This way, they know when a message is for them. Or record their must-dos or key events each day to keep them on track.

  • Number two

    Keep reminders within reach

    Keep a pad of Post-it® Notes in your purse or car so you can write yourself reminders when you’re out and about (which always seems to be the case when you have kids).

  • Number three

    Manage parties and events

    When your kids have a group of friends over, have them mark their places at the table with a Post-it® Note. Then everyone knows where to sit.

  • Number four

    Manage meal planning

    Make quick work of a week’s worth of lunches and dinners. Jot down your grocery list on a Post-it® Note. Mark recipes in a cookbook with Post-it® Tabs to help you find them more quickly. And use Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes to put cooking instructions on a casserole or storage containers that are in the refrigerator or freezer, to speed things up when the kids get hungry.

  • Number five

    Manage daily tasks

    A Post-it® Note on the mirror that says, “May the floss be with you, Luke,” is far more likely than our nagging to get kids flossing. Write them little reminders to help them remember to do their daily tasks.

  • Number six

    Manage arguments and making up

    To diffuse the inevitable argument with your kid, a Post-it® Note that says you’re sorry can be enough to sap the negative energy out of the situation and bring you and your child together for a face-to-face.

  • Number seven

    Keep files and collections organized

    Use Post-it® Tabs to set up a filing system that catches all of the things you want to save throughout the year. Come summer, you’ll have all of the artwork, essays and report cards in one place and ready to archive.

  • Number eight

    Keep track of your place

    Your kids can use Post-it® Flags to mark chapters in their books or mark where they left off in a story. You can use them to mark a great find in a catalogue so it’s easier to track down when you’re ready to order.

  • Number nine

    Prevent losing or forgetting reminders

    Have one thing you can’t forget during the day? Put your reminder on a sheet from a Post-it® Big Pad and stick it up in a place where you won’t miss it.

  • Number ten

    Wrangle your calendar

    Post-it® Notes and Post-it® Flags are the perfect tool for customizing your day planner or wall calendar. Colour code events by child. Or call out “can’t miss” details. Have an event with a tentative date? Mark it down with a Post-it® Note so it can be easily moved if the date changes.

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Think Loud and Let Your Thoughts Fly with Post-it® Brand products.

Think Loud and Let Your Thoughts Fly with Post-it® Brand products.

Think Loud and Let Your Thoughts Fly with Post-it® Brand products.

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