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Une variété de Feuillets Post-it® colorés disposés en motif circulaire avec des mots anglais écrits.

Learn with flying colours.

Our colourful range of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have 2x the sticking power, compared to original Post-it® Notes and are designed to remind, move and motivate you to learn whatever you’re studying this year. With more colours and more ways to learn, they’re the perfect tool to get back to school.

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New Colour Collection

A panoply of the 2022 Post-it® Notes Colour Collection shown in three spaced rows.

Brighter together.

The new 2022 Post-it® Colour Collections are here.


Help Keep Students Engaged and on Track With Classroom Must-Haves


Think Loud Together

  • Using technology is a big part of learning, so why not use it for creating art. By using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes students can take the picture that they created on their computer and share it with the rest of the class or school in a big way. This activity allows students to use their computer technology skills as well as their tactile skills to create large and bright works of art for all to enjoy.

  • By using a see-think-wonder anchor chart at the start of a lesson, students are called on to engage more deeply with visuals connected to the lesson learning goal(s).

  • This activity will help students identify and explain characters’ traits and motivations, by considering their speech, thoughts, and actions.

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