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A panoply of the 2022 Post-it® Notes Colour Collection shown in three spaced rows.

Brighter together.

The new 2022 Post-it® Colour Collections are here.

Colours and ideas are brighter together. This year, we worked with the Pantone Color Institute to refresh the Post-it® Notes you love. And now, with even more colours to choose from, your ideas can be brighter than ever.

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes logo.

    Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Collections

  • Vibrant, spirited colours brighten your mood and messages in the Energy Boost Collection.

  • Keep calm and collected with the soothing blues and greens of the Oasis Collection.

  • Classic rainbow hues from the Playful Primaries Collection brighten your day.

  • Bring Zen to your reminders with the clean and contemporary Simply Serene Collection.

  • The Summer Joy Collection sets the tone for warm weather memories all year long.

  • Ideas are out of this world with the electric colours of the Supernova Neons Collection.

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Wanderlust Pastels Collection displayed in a modern home office setting.

  • Post-it® logo.

    Post-it® Notes Colour Collections

  • Imagine yourself at the shore with the coastal tones of the Beachside Café Collection.

  • Step into a lush garden of colour to help your ideas bloom with the Floral Fantasy Collection.

  • The Poptimistic Collection gives your messages pop and optimism with bright colours that grab attention.

  • Full of pastel perfection, the Sweet Sprinkles Collection brings a sweetness to your desk.

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