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Wedding invitations and reply cards: keeping track of your guest list

Use Post-it® Page Markers to keep track of your wedding guest list.

Whether you’re having a big wedding or a small one, it can get pretty complicated keeping track of who’s coming and who isn’t – not to mention whether they’re bringing a guest, what they want to eat and if they’ll need a hotel room in town.

Planning ahead is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anyone, or find yourself with an unexpected guest on the day of the ceremony. There are a few ways to do it, depending on your personal organization style and what information you need to keep track of.

One simple chart

One way to track your guests is put together a chart. It might seem a little complex at first, but all you have to do is make a column for everything you need to know, and then make a row for each guest.

As replies come in, use Post-it® Page Markers to mark any columns that apply. For categories like “attending” or “bringing a guest,” any color will do, but for categories like dietary restrictions or meal choices, you may want to color code the answers – green for vegetarian, blue for vegan and so on.

Wedding invitations and reply cards: keeping track of your guest list
Keep them within reach

If all you want to do is see who’s coming and who’s not, it’s easiest to keep two spots to toss invitations – one for yeses and one for nos. Grab a couple of Post-it® View and Go Pockets, label them, and put them right by your door, on the fridge or a cupboard or somewhere else close at hand. Just drop your invitations in the appropriate spot and you’re all set.

One simple chart

If you want to keep things in one place, but a wall chart isn’t your thing, get a recipe box that your invitations will fit in and create a mini-filing system. You can create separate zones in your box with notecards, and mark them with Post-it® Tabs so that they’re clearly labeled – one zone for “Yes, no guest” one for “Yes, with guest,” one zone for “No,” and any others as necessary.

Wedding invitations and reply cards: keeping track of your guest list

Once you’ve got yourself organized, the only challenge left will be getting everyone to RSVP! PRODUCTIVITY ICON