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Father’s Day


Gift Ideas



Post-it® Super
Sticky Notes

Show Dad you love him this Father's Day

Ideas for how to make Dad feel appreciated this Father’s Day – with the help of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.


We sometimes forget, in the craziness of trying to buy presents and cards and the general frenzy of shopping, that Father's Day isn't about getting Dad a tie, or some golf balls or a new coffee mug. It's about remembering why he's an important part of your life – and making sure you tell him how much you appreciate him.

It's still great to get him a gift, but don't forget to think about other ways that you can express the ways you love him. Here are some ideas for how to pull it off.

1. Leave a simple note

Write down something you love about your dad on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and leave it somewhere unexpected, like on the steering wheel of his car*, on the medicine cabinet in the bathroom or on his favorite coffee mug.

2. Create a personalized work of art

Leave a message or create a pixel art masterpiece especially for Dad on a wall, table or other surface, using different colors of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to create your letters or pictures.

3. Create a Dad-oriented Memory Wall

Have everyone in the family write down reasons they love Dad on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and stick them all to a wall in the house that he'll see first thing in the morning.

4. Plan a scavenger hunt

Use Post-it® Super Sticky Arrow Shaped Notes to write riddles and clues that lead from one note to the next, creating a trail through the house that ends with a surprise or a gift.

Remember, years from now, it's not the present Dad will appreciate the most – it's the family memories you've created together. Connections icon

* Notes may not adhere well to textured or conditioned surfaces.