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Post-it® Note


7 ways to get more out of your day

Have Post-it® Notes, Will Travel

Prioritize your travel plans with Post-it® Notes. Now you can make sure you and your family get to see it all on your next trip.

Want to make the most of your trip? Grab a pack of Post-it® Notes and start prioritizing. Here’s how it’s done.


Jot down the points of interest you’re dying to see.


Divide the list into two columns: Must See and Might See


Stick your Post-it® Note in the place you look at the most. It could be your guidebook, your travel wallet, even your phone – any place that’s easy to access.


You’re ready to go.

What you now have is a running reminder of the places you’d be disappointed if you didn’t get to visit. Should unexpected glitches arise in your day or you get too tired, you can check your Post-it® Note to see what you have left or even hit the Might See section if it looks like something is close by.

Will Travel

The Post-it® Note is all about the ideal, while also allowing for plenty of moments of spontaneity. By creating a written reference of what you want to do on your vacation, you don't need to worry about running through your mental list over and over. Now you can enjoy each site, knowing you’ve got your next destination close at hand. Productivity icon