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6 tips to make studying for finals less lame

1. Study early and often.

If you're looking up a study tips article, it might be too late for this, but we're throwing it out there anyway. If you can, start reviewing your notes and textbooks at least a week before finals. The more time you give the info to sink in, the more of it will stick.

2. Stay organized.

So, organization is kind of our thing, we admit, but we make Post-it® Products for a reason. They help you keep track of ideas you've had (like when you use Post-it® Study Super Sticky Notes to write down thesis ideas at the end of a chapter), mark important passages to come back to (like when you use Post-it® Study Writable Arrows to mark pages by color) or help you take notes along the way without ruining your textbook (like when you use Post-it® Note Tabs and add notes directly to a page). But you know what? Organize however works best for you – just ORGANIZE!

3. Go to sleep.

Seriously, staying up all night is not going to help you study better. You might feel like you're getting a lot done, but you're probably sapping your mental strength, not to mention getting cranky and annoying your friends. Close the books, turn off your phone and get some rest.

4. Find some help.

Put together a study group (and not the kind where you spend the entire time talking about random stuff and drama). Other people's ideas, perspectives and even note-taking skills can help you test just how sharp your knowledge really is.

5. Make a schedule.

Make sure you know which exams are coming up when and how much time you've got to study for each one. If you create a staggered study schedule, you can focus on what's most urgent and make sure no deadlines pass you by.

6. Draw a mental picture.

For that one tough fact, number or date you just can't remember, try assigning a mental picture to it – the weirder, the better. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the fact, but it can work surprisingly well to help you recall something later. So, if a fish in a bowler hat helps you remember that the Battle of Hastings happened in 1066, then a fish in a bowler hat is your new best friend.