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Secret Weapon for Family Communication

Written by blogger Leticia Barr from Tech Savvy Mama Written by blogger Leticia Barr
from Tech Savvy Mama

My husband and I constantly travel for work and when fellow parents ask how we balance work, travel, running a household, and family without the help of a nanny or sitter, they’re surprised to hear how much we rely on technology. Texting, Skype, and email are great ways to stay in touch but the new Post-it® Products Evernote Collection helps us stay on top of our family’s schedule and coordinating tasks without missing a beat.

While we try to schedule our travel so we aren’t both gone in a week, sometimes it’s inevitable. Recent work trips involved my husband’s cross-country trip to San Francisco for the first part of the week and me flying to Miami on Friday for a weekend press trip. With just about 24 hours to regroup once we were both home on Thursday, one might think it would be easy to forget to update each other and clarify the upcoming weekend schedule but thanks to Post-it® Products Evernote Collection, he picked up where I left off. He had no trouble navigating a weekend full of activities like Girl Scout cookie booth sales, a playdate, group piano lesson, and a trip to the circus with our kids and a friend.

Post-it® Products Evernote Collection allows us to stay in constant communication and easily transition between time at home and being away. Post-it® Notes provide seamless communication during the crazy weeks when we’re both traveling because they provide a visual reminder around the home.

I’m always jotting notes to myself on Post-it® Notes throughout the week. Since I’m very visual and like having a color-coded system, I color coordinate our Post-it® Notes to specific tasks. Lists for groceries, household tasks, and things to do are Electric Yellow. Reminders about scheduling are Limeade. Designating a color for lists and scheduling makes it easy to tell what’s what when I snap a photo using Evernote’s Post-it® Note Camera feature and upload it to my account. Since I share certain notebooks with my husband, he can see lists and schedule reminders at-a-glance.


From shopping lists, household tasks, to letting my husband know what food is in the fridge for quick meals when I’m away, the Post-it® Notes in Evernote let my husband know where I left off. I can start a grocery list when I’m at home and snap a photo of it to add it to our shared Evernote notebook.

If I happen to remember something that I left off, I can open Evernote, find the photo of the Post-it® Note with my grocery list, add items to it, and my husband will see the additions when he opens Evernote while shopping.

Schedule Reminders

You can also attach reminders to each Post-it® Note in Evernote via the helpful alarm clock icon in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on it, I can set a notification for a reminder to pop up which is really helpful to stay on top of after school activities, play dates, early release days at school, and due dates for school forms.

Since date and time reminders are attached to the notes themselves, we’ll both get any reminders set for notes in our shared notebooks.


Since I always feel rushed trying to get ready for a work trip and making sure my husband is up to date on the kids schedule to help him keep our family running smoothly, it’s too easy to forget what I have and haven’t told him. By snapping a picture of my brain dumps as I’ve written them on Post-it® Notes, I have an easily searchable archive of my thoughts available through Evernote. Since Post-it® Notes provide automatic organization with Evernote notebooks, tags, and reminders, all I have to do is type in a search term to find my note.

Where to find Post-it® Products Evernote Collection

The Post-it® Products Evernote Collection is available at office superstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide. How would you use the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection?