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Reverse Thinking

Turning the problem upside-down.

Reverse thinking is just what it sounds like. Instead of trying to solve a problem, think about what might make it worse.

Turning the problem upside-down

Reverse thinging can force a small team that's been focused on a
problem for a long time to think about it completely differently - and
come up with a broad range of new ideas that might help to solve it.

Reverse Thinking


Rephrase the question so you're looking for more ways to create problems, instead of solutions.

EXAMPLE: How can we get more subscribers to our newsletter?

REPHRASED: How can we get people to unsubscribe to our newsletter?


Brainstorm ideas that answer the rephrased question.


Analyze how these ideas can be turned around. Can doing the opposite help solve the original problem?

Reverse thinking might seem a little absurd at first, but it can lead to ideas you never would have thought of if you hadn't looked at the problem upside-down.

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