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Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Creative prom proposals with Post-it® Notes

Post-it® Notes have been helping juniors and seniors get dates to the prom for years. Here's how to get the yes – Post-it® Super Sticky Note style.

Go for the car

Covering a car in Post-it® Super Sticky Notes is a popular trick – mostly because it's awesome. Here are a few different takes on the car proposal.

The scatter method

Good for a quick getaway.

The negative space method

More planning = more impressive.

The windows-only method

Easier to remove, so your date is less annoyed.

The subtle method

Who needs words when you have the language of love?

Car proposal tips:

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes will stick great to cars – but they should be left on only for a short time, so plan accordingly.

If Post-it® Notes get wet, the colors may bleed. Try to plan your proposal for a sunny day!

Say it with cake

Because you can't go wrong with dessert.

Take over the locker

May require the help of co-conspirators. Creativity icon