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Post-it® Notes

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Leslie Plesser


Post-it® Note


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A photographer’s constant companion

Leslie Plesser of Shuttersmack Photography uses Post-it® Notes to visualize her shoots, her travels and her day.

As an independent photographer, it’s Leslie Plesser’s job to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. Beyond photography, that also includes things like marketing, paying vendors and arranging her travel schedule for photo shoots.

I use Post-it® Notes a lot because I’m so visual. If I don’t physically see it, there’s a chance I’ll forget it.

When it came time to redesign her site, she turned to her trusty Post-it® Notes to help her visualize the new site’s architecture. “Each page had its own Post-it® Note. And out of that I created a Post-it® Note tree on my wall so I could see each page and all the pages that branched off from it —like a site map.

Post-it® Notes pop up in her personal life as well. "I always have them in my travel books." In addition to using them as bookmarks, she puts them all over her maps with places she either wants to go, has already visited or loved so much she wants others to go there.

Post-it® Notes serve both a practical and aesthetic role in the various calendars that both organize her day and decorate the walls of her studio.

The calendars from some months are so beautiful I’ve actually framed that particular month. I wouldn’t dare write on them. It’s also nice I can physically move an appointment without having to scratch it out.

She’s also found a use for them in a less visible role. "When you're photographing something like invitations or paper, sometimes the object needs a deeper shadow" Creativity icon