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Organizing the kitchen pantry

I’m finally ready to tackle the kitchen and get everything organized!

My first plan of attack when we moved in our new house was to unpack our kitchen boxes. I knew we could get by a few days without clothes or toys in their right spot, but I knew the kitchen couldn’t wait. With a house full of boys, food is important! Since fast was more important than being organized, I basically just shoved everything in the cabinets and decided to straighten it up later.

Well, later it is. It’s been four months since moving in and I’m finally ready to tackle the kitchen and get everything organized!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been procrastinating on this project. I’m not exactly sure why since I’m in the kitchen twenty times each day. A normal person would probably tackle it first! Guess I’ve just cooked with my eyes closed! But when Post-it® Brand asked if I would be interested in using a few of their products to get organized, I knew this was my opportunity to end the procrastination and get my kitchen organized!

The first project I tackled was the kitchen pantry.

Since a great deal of our food is made from scratch, the pantry is one of the most used areas in my house. If you take a look at the before picture of the pantry, you should quickly understand why it was the first area to tackle.

Didn’t it look disastrous?

It was almost impossible to find what we needed when looking in that messy pantry. There was no rhyme or reason to how the food items were placed in the closet. There were empty containers waiting to be filled. Critical ingredients like spices were impossible to find. It was bad.

To remedy the situation, I finally got to work!

These are the steps I took to clean and organize the kitchen pantry.

1. I took everything out of the pantry.

No explanation needed, right?

2. I painted the kitchen pantry shelves.

The shelves were dirty and scuffed. Thankfully we had leftover white paint in the garage so I took a few extra minutes to (haphazardly) paint the beige shelves white. new coat of paint gave the pantry an instant clean feel.

3. I removed the labels from the leftover jars I had been saving.

After months of storing glass jars, it was finally time to put them to use. Either that or throw them away. There’s no use keeping things we don’t need, right?!

4. I filled the glass jars with staples.

There were plenty of dried fruit and baking items stacked in the pantry, but putting them in glass containers gives us a few advantages.

  • First, it’s easy to actually see what we have available to eat.
  • Second, it makes it easy to track how much we use throughout the year.
  • Finally, it’s clean and organized!

5. I labeled the jars with Post-it® Full Adhesive Rolls.

Labeling the pantry containers is a critical step in having an organized pantry; especially when you want all family members to see what options are available. Since Post-it® Brand sent me a few Post-it® Full Adhesive Rolls to try, I thought they would be the perfect option to label my containers.

Since there are 4 colors available, I chose to use the white Super Sticky Label Roll on the majority of our jars; specifically those items that work with our Paleo diet. I want every member of our family to be able to see Paleo food choices easily.

Our kids eat non-Paleo foods like beans and oats, so I labeled those in green so they could spot them easily.

When labeling the jars, I got a little sloppy sometimes and put the the labels on crooked. But I was able to remove the Post-it® Full Adhesive Rolls quite easily and put them back on straight. This wasn’t really a surprise at all since they’re made Post-it® Brand, but it was still a super nice feature!

6. I created an area to store recipes and receipts using Post-it® Pockets.

I’m trying to do a better job of tracking our food expenses this year. Since I was given a few Post-it® Pockets to try, I thought I would attach the receipt pocket to the door and the recipe pocket to the wall inside the pantry.

I like this idea for several reasons. There’s less chance of me forgetting to add the info since it’s obvious every time I open the door. It’s super easy to apply. And if it ends up not working, it should remove easily.

I can’t wait to try these in other areas of my home!

7. I organized my spices.

I’ve been wanting to clean up my spices for a couple of years now. I have no idea why it took so long! All I did was order two spice racks from Amazon, installed them with two screws each, and then organized my spices…in alphabetical order of course!

I’ve already saved a ton of time looking for spices!!

Ideally, the spices would be in matching containers, but using the original containers is a little bit more realistic for me at this point.

Organizing my spices was eye opening for me. I noticed that I had several duplicates and even a couple of spices that hadn’t been stored properly. I’m hoping that there will be less waste in the future now that my spices are organized on the pantry door.

8. I put all of the food back in the pantry.

Since we aren’t hosting a small group at the moment, all paper products went to the very top shelf in the pantry. Containers of wheat berries that are only used periodically in front of the paper products. Then the canned items we use often, jars we get into all the time, and coconut/almond flour we use daily were put on the easy to reach shelves.

Practical is the name of the game!

9. I labeled the shelves.

The idea here is to make it as easy as possible to keep the pantry organized. By using another color of the Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll, it’s obvious to all family members where pantry items should go.

10. I enjoyed rounds of applause and accolades from my husband and the rest of the family!

Seriously, my husband was floored when he saw the final result! He’s a huge fan of organization and loves that he can easily find anything in our pantry now. He didn’t say it outright, but I’m pretty sure he wants to send a thank you not to Post-it® Brand for getting me over my procrastination hump!

If you want to try some of the Post-it® Brand products out for yourself, stick around. In a few days you’ll get an opportunity to win a fantastic assortment of their organization products for yourself ! In the meantime, give them a shout on one (or ALL) of the places listed below:

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