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Post-it® Flags

Memorable Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day isn't about buying Mom expensive jewelry, pretty flowers of fancy chocolate. In fact, when it comes to expressing your gratitude, something handmade can mean a lot. Finding a way to tell Mom how you (or your kids) really feel is the most important part of celebrating her day – so here are a few suggestions for Mother's Day gifts that come form the heart.

Make a coupon book

Create a coupon book on a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, where each note is good for a chore, favor or even just one-on-one time with kids and loved ones. Try things like Good for One Breakfast in Bed," or "Good for One Quiet Afternoon with No Interruptions."

Create a "Things We Love About Mom" card

Make a unique card out of a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes by writing a "Reason I Love Mom" on each note. If there's more than one kid in the family, have them alternate on the same pad, or each use different colored pads.

Make a Post-it® Note scavenger hunt

Use Post-it® Notes to write riddles and clues that lead from one to the next, creating a trail through the house that leads to a surprise at the end. (You can even try pointing the way to the next clue with a Post-it® Arrow Flag.) Some great ideas for the treasure at the end of your scavenger hunt: a homemade breakfast, a bubble bath with a new book or a batch of cookies decorated by the kids.

Say it with a Post-it® Flag flower

Have everyone write what they love about Mom on Post-it® Flags, and then use the flags to create an original work of art, like this Post-it® Flags flower. Once you've written your notes, here's how to create your flower.


Place six Post-it® Flags in a circle on a flat surface, sticky side down, with the sticky ends toward the center, and the colored ends facing out.


Peel up the circle you've created, and flip it over so the sticky side faces up. (If you start with the first flag you laid down, the rest will peel up easily in one place.)


Repeat to make 2-3 additional layers on top of your first layer. The more colors you use, the brighter your flower will be.


Grab a parent to help you cut a small slit in the center of the flower, and insert the end of a pipe cleaner.


Bend over the end of the pipe cleaner to secure the flower.

Remember, it's the time and effort you put in that means the most. Happy Mother's Day! Creativity icon