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Meal Planning System

Here’s a bunch of ways you can use Post-it® Notes and Evernote to bring a method to the madness around the kitchen.


Regular Shopping Lists

From weekly standards to pantry staples, create your go-to shopping list on your auto-remind colored Post-it® Note. Then capture it with the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode. This way, you're reminded of what you need whenever you go to the store.


Specific Recipes or Ingredients

Capture a recipe from a magazine with the Evernote camera or Web Clipper if you find it online. Then list the ingredients you need or modifications you want on a Post-it® Note, capture it with the Evernote camera and auto-tag them to make each easy to find later.


Seasonal Spices

When the weather cools, chili season and holiday cookie time are just around the corner. Set a reminder time to a Post-it® Note containing all of the seasonal ingredients you need to refresh – like chili powder, molasses or cloves.


Manage Expiration Dates

Have something in the fridge with a limited shelf life? Make a note and set a reminder of the expiration, along with an idea or two of what dish you'll make with it.



Cooking for different tastes means there's a need to be more versatile in the kitchen than ever before. Whether you're in the kitchen or grocery store keep your trusted ingredient substitutions on hand by writing them on a Post-it® Note. When you capture the note in the Evernote camera Post-it® Note mode, you can auto-tag the color so you can keep all of your food substitutions in one notebook.


Dietary Restrictions

Whether it's for your immediate or extended family, or guests coming to visit, make note of any dietary restrictions you might encounter (ie. Gluten-free, dairy allergies, etc.) and capture it with the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode. It's easy to search and look back on whenever you need to. Establish a notebook with a designated Post-it® Note color to easily add notes or meal options.

These are just a few to tide you over. Give them a try. You're bound to come up with other great ideas to save you time and effort.