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How I mainstream my sanity

Written by Kimberley Blaine from The Go-To Mom Written by Kimberley Blaine
from The Go-To Mom

Getting your family organized can be an arduous process. When you add five pets in to the mix then it’s even more of a challenge. I have two busy kids and several furry creatures who keep me on my toes and who depend on me to keep their bellies full! So you can imagine just how often I have to run to the store to keep the supply of food in stock. Since I’m a working mom running a company it’s quite the challenge to get all the errands run all by myself. My husband has been invaluable when it comes to getting things done around the house. He’s my Go-To Dad and is quite accustomed to the Post-it® Notes process I’ve put in place.

As you can see on the video I have basically organized the grocery and pet needs list on different colored Post-it® Notes. Each day I clearly need to add more items to each list.

After a few days, when the lists are complete, someone has to go and pick up the items from different stores. All I do is snap a photo of the Post-it® Notes with the Post-it® Note Camera feature in Evernote and send it off to my husband. Snap, send and done. How cool is that? On his way home from work, he has the completed list on his phone. He then keeps them in his family notebook in the Evernote app so we can share.

From shopping lists to pet care needs, Post-it® Notes let you take what’s in your head and put it in front of you, making it impossible to forget for however long it remains in sight. No matter how long that is, it isn’t long enough. If it is worth writing down, it’s worth saving digitally because you never know if you’ll need it later. That’s why they’ve developed the Post-it® Note Camera feature in Evernote that works with the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection. With it, simply snap a photo of a Post-it® Note. We then make the text searchable. Like everything in Evernote, your digital Post-it® Notes are instantly available everywhere, so you’ll be able to find it easily. You can also search for Post-it® Note since we auto-title these snapshots to include those words. It only takes a second, but this small new habit can have a tremendous impact.

Tip! Use the Post-it® Note Holder Quad to keep uber organized!

If you want to do even more with your Post-it® Notes, you can set different colors to be automatically organized in Evernote however you like. For example, make Electric Yellow your go-to for to-dos. Whenever you snap a photo of an Electric Yellow Post-it® Note those images will automatically go into your To-Do Notebook. Do the same for other colors.

The Post-it® Note Camera feature in Evernote is specially designed to enhance and transform your Post-it® Notes into beautiful, digitally enhanced Post-it® Notes saved in Evernote.

How to capture Post-it® Notes using the Post-it® Note Camera feature

Write clearly and legibly on a Post-it® Note with any type of pen or ink. Then, go through the following steps to capture your Post-it® Notes into Evernote:

  1. Start the Evernote camera and swipe anywhere in the image capture area to select the Post-it® Note feature.
  2. Position the Post-it® Note, including the edges, so that it is visible inside the frame.
  3. Tap the Snap icon to capture the Post-it® Note. You can snap multiple notes one after the other and save it to the same Evernote note.
  4. To preview the captured note(s) first, tap the Image Gallery icon. From here you can select particular pages to keep or discard. To discard a note, tap the Discard icon.

Get Yours Now – your pets will thank you for it! What other ways would you use the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection?

Buy Evernote Post-it® Notes online or at your local office supply store. Get the Post-it® Note Holder from the Evernote Market. The Post-it® Note camera is available in Evernote for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.