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How to prep college-bound students for the year ahead

Your teen scored high on the SATs but they might not be prepared to live on their own. There are a few easy steps to help your college bound teen handle college life.

Identify "away from home" needs and skills your teen needs for the environment they will be living in such as paying a bill, writing down appointments or scheduling a doctors appointment.

Make a realistic plan prioritizing what your teen really needs to learn and teach skills for independence so your teen can do the task without you. Then, start backing off and stop rescuing once the teen knows how to do the task.

Juggling new class schedules and distractions like campus life and new friends can be challenging, so planning and time management skills are key. Students should make a list of activities and to-dos, prioritize items, tackle the hardest first and cross completed actions off the list.

With more advanced classes, students need to work on study skills. Some common study habits are actually ineffective including underlining, highlighting, rereading and cramming. Instead, call attention to important information and materials using Post-it® Study Message Flags and Writable Flags. Jot down key facts as you read using Post-it® Study Note Tabs to easily recall and review information. Finally, don’t cram! Spread out study time to retain information and try "self tests" in intervals.

Michele Borba, Ed.D is an internationally renowned educator, TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children's character and reduce peer cruelty.
For more about her see: or follow her on twitter @micheleborba