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Capture Handwritten Notes Digitally

Written by blogger Leticia Barr from Tech Savvy Mama Written by blogger Leticia Barr
from Tech Savvy Mama

Despite my tech savvy, I am a true lover of paper products, especially Post-it® Products. I love using various sizes and colors to keep my work to-do list, home tasks, and kids’ activities organized and love that my favorite tool just got better thanks to Post-it® Products Evernote Collection that blends my passion of paper and tech into one great product that helps me stay organized. I’ve always used Evernote as a note-taking tool because it allows me to constantly sync my notes that are automatically saved and accessible on any device from anywhere. Taking notes on my phone or tablet while on-the-go means that I can access them on my laptop later.

But as a note taker who always has Post-it® Notes in my calendar, attached to my computer monitor, and all over our house, the new Post-it® Products Evernote Collection serves as a perfect way for me to capture my notes digitally. I appreciate being able to snap a photo of my notes using the camera feature and save them to Evernote Notebooks to access the content quickly and easily across devices, and even share my scribblings with others!

Getting Started with the Post-it Products Evernote Collection

Each pack of Post-it® Products Evernote Collection comes with Evernote premium. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Big Pad, or the single Note Holder ($15.95) come with 1 month of Evernote Premium. The larger Post-it Note Holder- Quad ($29.95) set comes with a code good for 3 months of Evernote Premium.

Whether you’re a new or existing Evernote user, you can easily redeem the code for Premium through You can redeem one, one-month code per 12 month period and one, three-month code per 12 month period.

The beauty of Post-it® Products Evernote Collection is that they can be used like any other Post-it® Note. Whether you jot reminders, write sentences, sketch out ideas, write notes, or doodle on your to-do list, everything can be captured and digitized with one tap of Evernote’s Post-it® Note Camera feature.

Capturing Post-it® Notes with Evernote

To capture any note, open the Post-it® Note Camera feature in Evernote and snap an image. This allows your Post-it® Notes to then be captured, digitally enhanced, and saved in Evernote. Post-it® Notes can be automatically organized by color, flagged with a reminder, and tagged with a keyword to make them easily searched whenever you might want to access the content in the future.

Quick tips for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone users about using Evernote’s Post-it® Note Camera feature to digitally capture Post-it® Notes:

  • Android: Tap the Camera icon and select the Post-it® Note Camera feature
  • iPhone: Swipe anywhere in the image capture area to select the Post-it® Note Camera
  • Windows Phone: Swipe to select the Post-it® Note Camera at the top of the screen

Since ideas can often extend beyond a single Post-it® Note, multiple notes can be captured and saved as one note. When you take a series of photos, Evernote combines them into a single Evernote note. Each Post-it® Note can also be saved as an individual Evernote note by tapping the check mark in the bottom right corner to save each as an individual photo. The next note will become a separate image.

Using the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection to Color Code and Search Notes

Digital Post-it® Notes are instantly available on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Since I’m very visual, I appreciate that Evernote allows me to automatically save each of the different Post-it® Note colors (Electric Yellow, Limeade, Electric Blue, and Neon Pink) to a different notebook. If I’ve jotted something down on a Post-it® Note but can’t find it, they’re automatically titled and the text becomes searchable so all you have to do is type in a search term to locate your content quickly and easily.

Even though it’s tempting to try to capture other Post-it® Products for use in Evernote, the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection features optimized colors that allows Evernote to enhance your written content. When you capture notes in the four optimized colors, Evernote automatically enhances them by:

  • Providing automatic organization with Evernote notebooks, tags, and Reminders
  • Adjusting and improving the contrast of drawing and text
  • Correcting crooked captures by tilting and rotating text so its straight
  • Perfectly cropping note edges

Where to find Post-it® Products Evernote Collection

The Post-it® Products Evernote Collection is available at office superstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.