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Food Storage Organization System

Written by blogger Ashton from Something Swanky Written by blogger Ashton
from Something Swanky

Scenario: you're a pretty rockin' couponing queen. You save gazillions of dollars each month by dutifully clipping newspapers and scouring ads for the best store prices. You've memorized the store's shipment schedule, and you know when their stock hits the shelves each week. Thanks to your hard earned grocery stockpile, your family will never be without ketchup, peanut butter, or name brand cereal ever again.

Scenario: your motto in life is "be prepared." Whether it's a natural disaster and power outages or unexpected unemployment and a major cut in the grocery budget, you have food on hand to feed your family. You have flour sacks, macaroni boxes, and freeze-dried fruit crammed in every available nook and cranny in the house.

Scenario: you're a typical person grocery shopping for a family-- you buy your food in bulk. It's easier. It's cheaper. And it means fewer trips to the grocery store, plain and simple.

So what's the common problem here? Food storage organization. Which is just a fancy way of saying, How many of those did I buy? When did I buy them? What was the expiration date? Do I have any of that left? Do I already have too much of that?

This is the 21st century right? I mean, for goodness' sake. I can access my bank account, read emails, browse through my friends' photo albums, watch TV, and remotely access my baby monitor on the same device I make phone calls from. Wouldn't it be grand if my mobile device (which is already commonly used for tracking down sales, coupon clipping, and shopping list making) could also manage my food storage?

With the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection, it can! It combines the simplicity and efficiency of using Post-it® Notes with the technology and sophistication of using Evernote on your mobile device or computer.

Here's a basic run-down of how it works:

You write on the Post-it® Notes from the Post-it® Brand Evernote Collection, add a note in Evernote and snap a photo of the Post-it® Note with the Post-it Note Camera feature.

Evernote does more than just save the photo of the Post-it® Note in your Evernote Notebook. It actually digitally enhances the captured Post-it® Notes , "reads" your handwriting, and files away what you wrote for future reference.

Why is that so cool?

Because you can search it. You can actually search your handwriting on the Post-it® Notes. Enter a key word in the Evernote search bar, and it will pull up all of your notes with that word. Remotely. Wherever you are. You can be standing in the grocery store and browse through your food storage. You can menu-plan while you're sitting in the carpool line and still know exactly what you have in the pantry.

And that's just the beginning. You can color code and categorize, as the Post-it® Notes can be automatically organized by color, flagged with a reminder and tagged with a keyword for future reference. You can keep track of how many items you've bought, and keep a running balance of how many items you've used and what you have left. It can even remind you when the food needs to be used by!

There are dozens of ways to organize your food storage in any way you'd like with the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection. And I can't wait to show you some of the neat things I've discovered I can do with this system! But that's another post, for another day...

How will YOU organize your food storage with the Post-it® Products Evernote Collection?