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Post-it® Big Pads

Basketball brackets with Post-it® Notes

How to make a tournament bracket for your office wall

When March rolls around, basketball fever sets in. Many offices like to make a bracket to keep up with all the games and see who can do the best job of predicting the winners of each match-up.

If you've got the wall space (and permission), making a bracket on your office wall is a great way for everyone to collaborate on something that's not strictly work-related. For best wall hang, use a smooth surface and position the adhesive stripes horizontally. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion.

What you'll need:
64 – 2" x 2"Post-it® Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes, 32 – 3" x 3" Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 8 – 11" x 11" yellow Post-it® Big Pads, 4 – 15" x 15" pink Post-it® Big Pads, 1 – 22" x 22" blue Post-it® Big Pad and one package of Post-it® Arrow Flags.


Center your bracket with a page from a blue 22" x 22" Post-it® Big Pad.


Working from the inside out, affix four pages from a pink 15" x 15" Post-it® Big Pad to represent the regional final matchups, as pictured. Then, for the regional semi-final matchups, build your bracket out further with eight pages from a yellow 11" x 11" Post-it® Big Pad.

Basketball Brackets


Adjacent to the 11" x 11" Post-it® Big Pads, stick one 3" x 3" Full Adhesive Super Sticky Note to denote the winner of each opening-round game to show the teams advancing to round 2 – totaling 32. Now, stick one 2" x 2" Full Adhesive Super Sticky Note on the wall for each team containing its name and seed, then group them together for each initial matchup in the round of 64.

Basketball Brackets

It's also helpful to mark the top seed in each matchup with a Post-it® Arrow Flag, so you can see who's favored to win each game.

Basketball Brackets

Optional: use a page from a Big Pad to label each region in the bracket: Midwest, West, South, and East.


Let the games begin! As the tournament progresses, record the winners and move the winning team's Post-it® Note forward to the next Big Pad page, and move the Arrow Flag to whichever team is now the top seed. Repeat as the tournament progresses until a winner is crowned.

Have fun getting in on the madness! Creativity icon

Basketball Brackets