1. The Challenge

Change Your World in 7 Days

Color can shape your world in amazing ways — both big and small. Unlock the possibilities for yourself by signing up for our 7 day color challenge — a weeklong journey through color's potential in daily, bite-sized bits.

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I would describe my daily environment as:

  • Team-oriented

    My day revolves around communicating thoughts and ideas with others.

  • Working solo

    Freelancer? Student? Homemaker? Regardless, I’m a one-person juggernaut.

  • Both

    I mix people and personal time throughout my day like a pro.

  • Expression

    I use it as both a source of expression and inspiration.

  • Productivity

    I use it to help me manage things and be more efficient.

  • Both

    I like to dabble in both creative and functional colorful pursuits.

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