1. Study methods that actually work

Study methods that actually work

There are a plenty of study suggestions floating in the world and some of them are just plain ineffective (looking at you, all-nighter!). Browse these ideas to help you maximize your thought-process and mental health:

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    Embrace variety: instead of solely focusing on one topic, study various topics during a single session. Jot down thoughts on a Post-it® Study Note to keep ideas close at hand and trade topics every 15 minutes or so.

    Embrace variety

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    Drop the highlighters. Evidence shows that highlighting and underlining is largely ineffective. Instead, mark important ideas with Post-it® Study Writeable Arrow Flags and refer to as necessary.

    Drop the highlighters

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    Study with less stuff. Keep your space tidy and organized and only have the materials you need to keep your brain focused.

    Study with less stuff

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    Get some sleep! The exhaustive effects of an all-nighter can affect your thinking for the next four days! In other words, get some sleep and keep your brain sharp instead of strung out.

    Get some sleep!

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