1. How to read more efficiently

How to read more efficiently

Reading is an essential component of studying. Follow these suggestions to help read faster and more effectively:

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    Identify what you want to know. Have a plan before you sit down and pore over the pages. When you have a goal, you’re more engaged — even when it comes to reading for fun. 

    Identify what you want to know

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    Get active. Reading aloud certainly helps but taking notes while reading is even better. Use Post-it® Notes to create a mind map of the topic you're studying and take your reading to an entirely different level.

    Get active

  • 3

    Make a personal table of contents. Before you start reading, jot down what you hope to learn. As you come across this information in your reading, mark the page with Post-it® Flags. This will help you remember more effectively and serve as a shortcut to essential topics.

    Make a personal table of contents

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